product description

instructions for use of lithium-ion battery charger

the characteristics,

this product is a lithium battery charger.switching power technology is adopted.

it is a special charger for lithium battery with superior performance. it has the following functions and features:

1. short circuit protection;2. anti-reverse irrigation protection;

3. output overvoltage protection;4. low output ripple noise;

6. high power conversion efficiency

2. scope of application

this charger is suitable for charging lithium ion battery pack.

3. use method

1. when charging, first connect the battery, then the power supply: when sufficient, first cut off the power supply, then pull it out

battery plug:

2. when charging normally, the power charging indicator light shows a red light. when the power is full, the charging point refers to

the light shows green:

3. when the power is full (the charging indicator shows green light), the power should be cut off in time.

4. troubleshooting

1. the power indicator is not on:

a. check for ac input

b. check whether the input wire interface is in bad contact

if possible, please send it to the factory for repair.

2. the charging indicator light is not on:

a. whether the output connector is connected well

b. whether the battery is damaged

3. charging indicator:

a. is the battery damaged

if possible, please send it to the factory for repair.

do not repair by yourself.

5. safety rules

1. this product is only for indoor use.

2. it is strictly prohibited to charge in confined space or in hot and hot weather, and the charger shall not be placed in the saddle

charge in seat or trunk.

3. it is forbidden to connect the charger to the ac power for a long time without charging.4. in the charging process, if the indicator light is abnormal, odor occurs or the charging shell is overheated, it should stand

stop charging and repair or replace the charger.5. do not disassemble or replace the devices in the charger by yourself.6. do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.

7. do not use in the environment with inflammable gas to prevent explosion or fire.8. do not put the charger near the water source or get wet to avoid accidents or electric shocks.

9. please do not touch the charger by hand when it is damaged or exposed to internal parts due to collision or other reasons, which may lead to electric shock.

after-sales service

1. this charger shall, in accordance with national regulations, implement the policy of "three guarantees" for after-sales service.belong to our company

the charger itself quality problem, within two months replacement, one year warranty.2. under normal use condition, the charger is guaranteed for years.3. the charger is damaged due to the following circumstances, not included in the "three packs" :

.disassemble without permission.rain. water.4. users shall provide warranty card at the same time when providing after-sales service requirements. warranty card shall not be altered or blurred.

5. if the warranty card does not specify the date of purchase, the date of delivery shall prevail, and 15 months shall be the warranty period of the product.

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